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Depending on your health, Many Guaranteed Issue Plans available.

Many life policies can build up cash value.

Many convenient payment plans avaialable.

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Take Care of the People You Care About With Final Expense Insurance

No Questions Asked

You may be pleasantly surprised to know that a reasonable amount of life insurance can be purchased to take care of the people you care about without a huge expense or a bunch of medical questions that may stop you from qualifying for coverage. We are sure you will agree that today everything is expensive. Even a simple funeral can cost around $6,000! Add on the extras that usually go with a funeral and the bill can easily be over $ 10,000. Settling unpaid bills that come due when you pass away could add extra burden to the people you care about. Why not take advantage of the fact that you can get up to $ 75,0000 of coverage without a medical question to answer. Our special relationship with several life insurance companies that issue coverage to people on a Guaranteed basis gives you some good products to chose from.

What if Your Health is OK ?

If you are in OK health – no heart; cancer; diabetes or life threatening illness you may be able to qualify for our Simplified Issue final expense coverage. By answering a few medical questions it may be possible to qualify for more coverage or lower rates than those charged by the Guaranteed Issue products.

What if Your Health Is Good?

If you are fortunate enough to be in good health it could be to your advantage to consider a plan from one of the many companies we represent that will ask medical questions but possibly provide more attractive rates and more coverage than is available on a guaranteed issue basis. Special products are available that combine life insurance protection with long term care benefits.

If you don’t investigate you won’t know the facts. We work with you on a no pressure / no obligation basis. We will answer your questions; provide you with some pricing and product details; and hold your hand through the application process. To get the facts for your situation please call our Life Insurance Specialist Jerry Cohen at 631 – 669 – 0365.

Call Now and Get the Protection You Want for the Folks You Care About


Final Expense FAQ

New York Final Expense Insurance

New York final expense insurance plans are available at affordable rates for most adults residing in the empire state. These burial and final expense plans are designed to help you pay for all your expenses relating to your untimely death, including any outstanding medical bills and credit card debts. In some cases, the New York provider might require applicants to undergo medical exams--this is especially the case if you are a smoker, or if you have a preexisting health condition. Depending on your information as well as your test outcome, you might have to pay higher premiums because you are considered a high risk applicant. However, if you want to skip the medical exam process entirely, you also have the option of choosing a guaranteed issue New York expense insurance plan that will provide you with adequate final expense coverage no matter what your medical history entails.

Basic Expense and Burial Plans

New York burial expense insurance is the means in which a resident within one of the largest populated states in the country can purchase the appropriate amount of coverage their family needs in order to properly bury the policy holder. Not only does this include the casket and labor, but such plans also account for the type of funeral that you want. Cremation options are also available with New York burial expense insurance policies.

New York burial policies that cover final expenses takes the coverage a step further by providing a death benefit that can cover all of the expenses you leave behind. This can include medical bills, as well as credit card debts and loans. In some cases, you will also want to add enough coverage to care for your family in the event of your absence.

Need for Insurance Medical Exams

One important aspect of an application for a traditional New York final expense insurance plan is your health history. This might include straightforward questions, such as whether you are a smoker or not. On the other hand, the application could become more complex if you are currently suffering a medical condition, or if you have an extensive health history. In some cases, the NY burial insurance provider will request a simple medical exam in order to determine your health class before your final rate is provided to you.

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